June 3, 2011

Word Thirty-Three: Expectations

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Jack threw down the phone and let out an expletive.

“Police! Think they know what they’re doin’…humph!”

He leaned his elbows on his desk; his head in his hands. How could Watson do this to him? They had a deal, it was all good and ready to go, but Watson just had to pull a move like that. Sure, he’s got a wife and kids he has to take care of, but Jack couldn’t care less about them right now.

Watson stole from him.

Suddenly, Jack knew what had to be done.

He would take matters into his own hands…


June 2, 2011

Word Thirty-Two: Night

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Pound. Pound. Pound.

Her feet struck the soft earth beneath her. She exhaled loudly as she ran in the dark, in the slightly forested area. She couldn’t help but smile to herself while she ran. Joy filled her heart.  As she ran, she was watching the ground to be sure of her footing, but she felt a stir in her heart.

Look up.

She looked up and stopped dead in her tracks. Her eyes widened, and tears began to blur her vision. Her mouth opened wide, and breath was stolen from her lungs.

God’s glory was displayed in the heavens like never before.

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