October 5, 2011

Word Thirty-Nine: Dreams

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I turned around, and there he was.

I found him wearing his thinning hair in a ponytail, and his gold rimmed aviator glasses were resting on the bridge of his nose, as usual, and he was wearing his usual dark jeans with a dark red sweater.

I cried. I hugged him. I got to hear his voice. We spoke of it all. We talked about my school, my job, and of God. We laughed, and told jokes. It was the best discussion we ever had. It’s strange, I had thought he died…I thought he was gone…but, this…it just seems so…real.

And then…

I woke up.


Word Thirty-Eight: Abandoned

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A room with shadows lurking and moonlight barely flowing in.

She looked around and picked up the pieces. She’d done this before; it wasn’t anything new to her. Anytime they left, she was the one picking up the pieces, and putting it back together.


People came, lingered, and pulled pieces of the mask off of her. Then they’d leave, and she’d gather all the pieces, building a thicker mask. Each time she always thought there was no one that could break through it, that no one could take the mask off completely.

Until the Light came and shattered those lies.

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