January 25, 2016

Word Fifty-Seven: Sacrifice

When her station cleaned and her kit packed away, Isabelle looked around the salon. Her station lamp was the last on lit, along with the bright neon lights in the window to inform walk-in clients they were open. She sat for a moment and pondered.

How could she have been so foolish?

Why didn’t she see through his lies and his manipulations? How could she not see how this would turn out?

But really, who could blame her? But at 16, when you are the only one capable of working, you’ll do anything to make sure your family is provided for…


Word Fifty-Six: Danger Ahead

Her back ached with each movement of her arms. Halfway through her 10 hour shift, and not one client had tipped. She couldn’t understand- did they not like her work? She studied so hard, kept on top of the most recent beauty trends- but it wasn’t good enough.

While cleaning her station, she wondered if she should ask her boss about more classes, but when she remembered she’d need to pay a steep fee, she pushed the thought away. She still had yet to pay him for the last class, and rent…from last month…what was she to do now?

February 22, 2012

Word Forty-Three: Dying

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(AUTHOR’S NOTE: Please check out Word Forty: Rated to see the first portion of this story.)

I lost.

I closed my eyes and wept. I couldn’t believe the woman I’d become, who I’d let myself turn into. The guilt ate at my soul.

My life crumbled before me, like the very glass that lay a few feet before me, mocking me.

“One sip,” I’d told myself. “I won’t let it control me.”

Five beers, three shots, and some mixed drinks later, I had drowned the voice of reason in my addiction. Anything learned from six months in rehab went out the window.

Family, friends, and even God himself abandoned me that night.

And I let it happen.

February 21, 2012

Word Forty-Two: Standing Still

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(AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a continuation of Word Twenty-Eight: SorrowWord Nineteen: Gray, and Word Sixteen: Questioning. Please read those three stories to understand more of what’s going on here…)

The pain of this loss wrenches my heart.

So much so, that here I am, still contemplating life and it’s worth.

Pills still in hand, as tears skirt down my cheeks.

I miss my big brother, so full of life and love. I miss his protective nature, how he would always make sure I was taken care of, how he would push me on the swings, how he helped me to ride a bicycle by myself.

Eight years later, I find I can barely function or pull through each day with a smile on my face.

They think I’m happy, that I’ve handled this well.

Inside, I’m numb.

Word Forty: Rated

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Lights, bright neon lights. They flickered. I blinked. Dust attacked my dried-out eyeballs.

Where am I?

I turned my head, and realized I was lying on the wooden floor, the splintered, and creaky floor, beside the bar counter. Broken glass seemed to mock me somehow as it glistened in the neon lights.

So you thought you knew what it would be like?

It laughed at me, I could swear it.

You thought you could handle it.

Again, a sheer, sickening laugh.

You hadn’t a clue!!

I turned away from the glass as tears rolled down my cheeks.

I lost.

(AUTHOR’S NOTE: Please check out Word Forty-Three: Dying for the rest of the story.)

April 10, 2011

Word Twenty-Eight: Sorrow

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(AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a continuation of Word Nineteen: Gray and Word Sixteen: Questioning. Please read those two stories to understand more of what’s going on here…)

When Dean died, my world went gray.

I remember the moment I first heard the news. Mom sat me down in the living room. Tears streamed from her reddened eyes, her lips trembled as she tried her best to explain to me, a nine-year-old at the time, that Dean would not be returning home…

I didn’t believe her at first. I got angry. I threw a fit and cried and screamed and kicked and yelled. But then it really sunk in…big brother Dean was not coming home…not tonight, not tomorrow, not ever.

The pain of this loss wrenches my heart.

March 3, 2011

Word Nineteen: Gray

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(Author’s Note: This story is a continuation of Word Sixteen: Questioning)

Whatever happened to my strength and love for life?” I thought to myself.

I put the bottle of pills down on my desk, and a photo caught my eye.  A boy and a girl were pictured. The boy was standing in a suit and tie, smiling and looking at the camera. He had his arms around the girl, a blonde, who wore a dress, white tights, and Mary Janes. She had her arms around the boy, and was kissing his cheek.

I stared at that photo where joy and love were displayed. That girl was me, and that boy, my brother, Dean.

When Dean died, my world went gray.

February 25, 2011

Word Sixteen: Questioning

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Life. Was it really worth it? Standing in the middle of my bedroom, I looked down at the bottle in my hand. It held pills so small, yet so powerful. One or two could temporarily free me from the pain of this wretched world. I opened the cap and inspected a pill. It was circular in shape, about the diameter of my fingernail. One pill wouldn’t hurt, right? My heart held onto too many hurts, though. Just one pill couldn’t cover them all. I dumped out another five. Thoughts raced through my brain. Whatever happened to my strength and love for life?


AUTHOR NOTE: This story is 100% fictional; it is not at all a personal testimony or personal experience. It is not related to anyone the author knows, and if there is similar life story, it all is plainly coincidence.

***If you or someone else you know or love struggles with thoughts like this, the author begs and pleads for you to TELL SOMEONE. Family and friends are here to help. They love you, despite what thoughts you might have about how they feel about you. Ultimately though, Jesus loves you. Death is a permanent solution to a temporary situation…PLEASE TALK TO SOMEONE IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING SUICIDAL THOUGHTS.***



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January 27, 2011

Word Four: Dark

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6:03 a.m.
He studied the monitor, which displayed Rachel Gordon’s photo and personal information.

6:04 a.m.
He knew that precious time was being wasted. Should it get too light out, his chances of not being caught grew slimmer. He grabbed his face mask, threw it on, and ran out the door.

6:32 a.m.
He walked in to Rachel’s house, and found himself face to face with her. He wouldn’t let her win, so he thrust her down.  She had grabbed his ankle, he felt his feet stumble, followed by a sharp pain in his temple. Then his world went dark.

Word Three: Light

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The clock read 6:34 a.m. It was dawn outside, and the sun would be rising soon. Rachel didn’t know how to react at first when she came face to face with the intruder in her home. He grabbed hold of Rachel’s shoulder, pushed her to the floor, and proceeded onward. She reached for his leg, which caused him to trip, smack his head on the banister and slip out of consciousness. Rachel waited a few moments for movement. Looking towards the window, sunrise grew closer. Rachel knew that if she wanted to protect herself, she had to hide the body.

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