January 27, 2011

Word Four: Dark

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6:03 a.m.
He studied the monitor, which displayed Rachel Gordon’s photo and personal information.

6:04 a.m.
He knew that precious time was being wasted. Should it get too light out, his chances of not being caught grew slimmer. He grabbed his face mask, threw it on, and ran out the door.

6:32 a.m.
He walked in to Rachel’s house, and found himself face to face with her. He wouldn’t let her win, so he thrust her down.  She had grabbed his ankle, he felt his feet stumble, followed by a sharp pain in his temple. Then his world went dark.


Word Three: Light

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The clock read 6:34 a.m. It was dawn outside, and the sun would be rising soon. Rachel didn’t know how to react at first when she came face to face with the intruder in her home. He grabbed hold of Rachel’s shoulder, pushed her to the floor, and proceeded onward. She reached for his leg, which caused him to trip, smack his head on the banister and slip out of consciousness. Rachel waited a few moments for movement. Looking towards the window, sunrise grew closer. Rachel knew that if she wanted to protect herself, she had to hide the body.

Word Two: Love

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Bed time was always little Alaithia’s favorite time. Wearing her favorite Pocahontas pajamas, she would climb into her bed and slip beneath the covers. Folding her hands and squeezing her eyes shut, Alaithia would lay and quietly speak to Jesus. She thanked Him for the daisies, for her Mommy and for her Daddy. Often, Alaithia would tell Jesus of the things that she did that day, such as the tea parties with Teddy, but she also prayed for other people so that they could know Jesus like she did. Alaithia was young, but she understood that others needed Jesus, too.

Word One: Introduction

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Pleated pants, button down shirt, fresh breath…check, check, and check. Bradford’s eyes rose from his pants, upward to his shirt, and finally, to meet his own gaze in the mirror. He stared long and hard at the face in the mirror. No longer was the man who had been carefree and fun-loving present. No, he was now lost in the wrinkles alongside his thin lips, and the crow’s feet that lie beside his eyes. His eyes fell to his wrinkled hands, and the glare from his gold wedding band seemed to mock him. Life had changed since Mary had gone.

January 26, 2011

One Hundred Theme Challenge

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Hey everyone,

Thanks for stopping by. =)

I got this idea from a few friends, you can view their blogs at the following spots:

Basic gist, there is a list of 100 words for this challenge. I am to take that word and write a 100 word short story about it. That’s the real simple gist.
And the why? To that I ask, why not? =)

Enjoy, and buckle up for the ride….you never know what kind of adventures we will go on here!


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