March 22, 2011

Word Twenty-Six: Tears

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Three-hundred and thirty-two miles from home, Faith got out of her car and walked over to where he now lived. She last saw Kaden five months ago- five long months ago.

Faith peered through the small window in the door to see him walking down the stairs. He looked up, their eyes met, and he smiled.  Faith felt her cheeks blush.  Kaden opened the door and the two embraced.

During the embrace, tears of love, gratitude, happiness, and the feeling of finally being back in her love’s arms trickled down Faith’s face.

Faith didn’t want to ever let him go.


March 15, 2011

Word Twenty-Five: Trouble Lurking

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Carla collapsed into the driver’s seat of her beloved Dodge Neon. It was the end of a long work day, and it was getting late. Carla started her car, and was pulling out of the lot when her cell phone started ringing. “Unknown Number” appeared on the screen, and Carla’s heart pounded with fear. She answered the phone uneasily.


No response.

She repeated her question, mentally daring the caller to speak.

Still, no response.

A few moments later, the call disconnected, and the realization hit Carla. She knew who it was, and she knew she had only moments to escape.

March 13, 2011

Word Twenty-Four: No Time

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Martin received a phone call that hurled him into a sea of regret. Pain struck his heart as he sifted through papers on his desk. Letters she wrote him on Father’s Day, his birthday, Christmas, and other times during the year, along with papers which she drew pictures on, dated back to her early childhood and the most recent one being only 2 or 3 years old…photographs which held so many memories of her life, and letters filled with so many questions. Paige just wanted Daddy home again.

Martin never had the time for Paige, and he just received word that she’s now gone…forever….

March 8, 2011

Word Twenty-Three: Cat

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I sat on the coffee table, but didn’t hear any sounds throughout the house. I was bored, so, what else was I to do but nap?

I climbed the stairs and found a bed that I felt was suitable- my human’s bed. Unmade, just the way I liked it. I dreamt of waging war against the dogs which live a few yards over. I won, of course.

I awoke to the sound of the front door slamming. My human was home! I ran down the steps and perched myself on the kitchen counter, waiting for food, and to be held.

Word Twenty-Two: Mother Nature

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“Drive safe in the rain!”

Dawn cautioned Mary, cheerfully, but with a hint of worry. Mary was leaving work, and was headed to a meeting about 10 minutes from her workplace.

As she scrambled through her purse for her keys, she tossed Dawn a quick smile, and thanked her for her concern. Dawn obviously didn’t know how good Mary’s tires were in the rain, how well she drove the car, and how well equipped her car was to make driving in inclement weather worry free.

Mary didn’t heed Dawn’s warning, and it was her own pride, and the forces of nature which took her very life that night.

March 4, 2011

Word Twenty-One: Vacation

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Abigail sat at the edge of the ocean. The water kept coming for her, but she couldn’t figure out why. She would try to push it away, but it always came back. She stuck her hand in the water as a wave came by, and she watched as the bubbles skirt around her hand and travel back into the ocean.

She looked at the sky and saw things flying in the air. She didn’t know what they were, but they had lots of colors! She never saw them at home before.

At age two, Abigail had lots to learn about the beach.

Word Twenty: Fortitude

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“Cigarettes are yucky, Mommy!”

I looked down at my four year old daughter, Melody. We had just finished lunch at Wendy’s when I went to reach for my most disgusting habit. It was a habit I picked up after Melody’s father left me for another woman, and since then, I found I couldn’t function without cigarettes.

I stopped walking, and my hands that were once seeking my addiction froze. I stood and watched Melody as she waited for me by playing with her dolly.

I grabbed the box of cigarettes from my purse, and with tears in my eyes, I threw them away.

March 3, 2011

Word Nineteen: Gray

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(Author’s Note: This story is a continuation of Word Sixteen: Questioning)

Whatever happened to my strength and love for life?” I thought to myself.

I put the bottle of pills down on my desk, and a photo caught my eye.  A boy and a girl were pictured. The boy was standing in a suit and tie, smiling and looking at the camera. He had his arms around the girl, a blonde, who wore a dress, white tights, and Mary Janes. She had her arms around the boy, and was kissing his cheek.

I stared at that photo where joy and love were displayed. That girl was me, and that boy, my brother, Dean.

When Dean died, my world went gray.

Word Eighteen: Rainbow

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“Marlee! C’mere!”

Marlee ran to her best friend, Anne. Recess had just begun, and Anne was huddled in their “secret clubhouse”, which was located underneath the slide.

“I have something for ya…but ya gotta close your eyes…and hold your hands out…and no peekin’!”

Marlee did as she was told, and felt something cold hit her palm.


Marlee opened her eyes to see a necklace with a butterfly charm. Its wings were painted shades of blue, green, yellow and pink.  Around Anne’s neck a matching necklace hung.

Ten years later, the girls still were best friends, and each still wore the same necklace.

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