About The Author, Brittany Kinney

The author behind the screen on the stories in this blog lives in a small town located in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, USA. Her name is Brittany Kinney, and she is a 25 year-old who is passionate about Jesus, nail art, photography, and pickles. She loves spending time with her boyfriend, going for walks, and listening to music.

Brittany’s favorite way to communicate and express herself is often through most any artistic medium, but in writing short stories, she finds it expresses something no other art can touch. She is inspired by and loves to read works from authors C.S. Lewis, Melody Carlson, and Brandilyn Collins. While this isn’t a large selection of authors, Brittany would concur that her favorite types of readings are descriptive, deep, influenced by Christianity, thrilling/mysterious, and fiction, but something that could happen in real life.

She loves to be descriptive in her writings so as not to force her readers to perceive her stories in a certain way or control their imagination, but so that they too can take the journey along-side of the character(s) involved in the stories.

Most stories posted to this site are fictional, as well as the characters in the stories; however, some stories and/or characters may have been influenced by true incidents, but details or names will have been changed to protect the original people and to keep their personal lives private. This is a writing blog, not a diary! 🙂

Brittany thanks you for stopping by to read her works, and hopes that you will return soon so as to read some more!


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