April 8, 2015

Word Fifty-Three: Keeping a Secret

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He slammed his apartment door shut. The latest newspaper headline caught his eye. Anger suddenly filled his heart as he picked the paper up. Agitated at the report, he thrust the newspaper against the wall.

Just like he did to her. Her smile in the photograph on page A1 used to warm his heart but now, it just annoyed him.

He tossed his keys onto the table with a thud, the sound reminding him of his crime.

Tears flooded his eyes as he grabbed hair dye and scissors.

He set the timer.

Thirty minutes.

There was no time to waste.


Word Fifty-Two: Deep in Thought

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*tap tap tap*

The sound was just loud enough that she should have answered, but once a few moments passed by, I decided I should try again with more force.

*knock knock knock*

I glanced at my watch, and counted for ten seconds before I let myself peek into the room. There she was, sitting on her rocker beside the bay window. The sun was setting, and was adding a warm glow to her face. Her eyes were closely watching the wind blow the flowers, when I saw a tear start to fall from her eye.

Mum missed my Papa.

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