January 11, 2014

Word Fifty-One: Sport

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It seemed like an eternity as names were called, and kids ran off to their group. I, however, stood there…waiting…

Gym class was never my favorite. Although it wasn’t the actual gym class I had a problem with, as I really enjoyed the activities. This was what drew me to hate it.

Another name called out. That left me, and one other boy. Again.

My heart sank as I anticipated my name being called, only to realize that it was the voice of the gym teacher giving instructions.

I choked back tears. After all, we should be good sports, right?


January 10, 2014

Word Fifty: Breaking the Rules

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Rain drops slipped off of the building and onto the pavement. Her feet softly pounded the ground as she ran. She had been crying, but one might think it had been the rain which smeared her makeup. Her clothes were torn and ragged, giving off the impression that she had no home. She lived in a “house”, but not a home. Home wouldn’t cause her tears, to be violated, to be hurt over and over again. He said if she ever left, she should fear for her life.

She decided that risking her life was worth a taste of freedom.

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