February 25, 2013

Word Forty-Seven: Creation

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Black. Empty. Vacant.

He saw it as it was, yet He saw the potential it held. He spoke, and a whole new world was formed. Light danced across the foundations, and waters glittered underneath. Clouds bounced in the sky, and birds flew with glee. Vegetation grew- flowers blossomed, trees sprouted fruit, grasses stretched skyward. Beings trotted along new paths, sniffing around for where to lie their head.

And finally, man walked the new world. Brought to life by a simple pile of dust, and a breath from Him, man was now alive.

He looked around and saw it was good.


February 21, 2013

Word Forty-Six: Family

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Photos lined the mantel. Portraits taken of the grandkids, school pictures of nieces and nephews, sports photos of sons when they were involved in such activities in grade school, and wedding photos of daughters. Candid photos from events graced the hallways, and goofy faces were displayed in bedrooms. Albums packed with pictures from trips, and visual memories of the deceased are forever captured on paper.

Smiles, laughs, births, weddings, proms, dances, football games, date nights, game nights, hugs, giggles, and milestones hanging on walls, displayed in frames, and arranged in photo albums.

Generations remembered, past and present.

This is family.

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