February 25, 2011

Word Sixteen: Questioning

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Life. Was it really worth it? Standing in the middle of my bedroom, I looked down at the bottle in my hand. It held pills so small, yet so powerful. One or two could temporarily free me from the pain of this wretched world. I opened the cap and inspected a pill. It was circular in shape, about the diameter of my fingernail. One pill wouldn’t hurt, right? My heart held onto too many hurts, though. Just one pill couldn’t cover them all. I dumped out another five. Thoughts raced through my brain. Whatever happened to my strength and love for life?


AUTHOR NOTE: This story is 100% fictional; it is not at all a personal testimony or personal experience. It is not related to anyone the author knows, and if there is similar life story, it all is plainly coincidence.

***If you or someone else you know or love struggles with thoughts like this, the author begs and pleads for you to TELL SOMEONE. Family and friends are here to help. They love you, despite what thoughts you might have about how they feel about you. Ultimately though, Jesus loves you. Death is a permanent solution to a temporary situation…PLEASE TALK TO SOMEONE IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING SUICIDAL THOUGHTS.***



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